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Recently, installing Windows XP on a Dell m1530 there was a problem on the laptop that the audio device (Sigmatel C-major) would not start, and Device Manager gave me a code 10: the device cannot start.

sigmatel c-major hd audio codec

code 10: the device cannot start

Sigmatel Code 10 Symptoms

  • In Device manager, under "sound video and game controllers" there is a device with a yellow exclamation on it labeled Sigmatel audio codec or similar.
  • No sound from the sigmatel audio device
  • In the sigmatel audio properties, you get "Code 10: This device cannot start"
  • Happens after OS reinstall to windows XP (maybe 2k3 NT 2000 also)
  • this is KNOWN to happen on dell, hp, gateway, asus and many more. The fix works on most/all

Sigmatel Audio Code 10 Fix

Much research went into this, and links to relevant material will be listed.

  1. Open device manager, find your sigmatel audio device and uninstall it.
  2. Download the Dell driver package R171789 (google it or try the link)
  3. Extract the files using 7zip or winzip. DO NOT RUN THE EXE.
  4. Open the new folder that you unzipped to and go to the HDAQFE folder inside it. Select your OS folder, language folder, then run the KB file in that folder. example for the xp version: kb835221.exe - This is an update to the microsoft UAA universal audio architecture
  5. After the KB is done installing, go back to the main folder of unzipped sigmatel driver files (r171789) and open the folder inside it called WDM.
  6. Run the program suhlp.exe for 32 bit, or suhlp64.exe for 64 bit.
  7. If you are asked for the driver to your sigmatel audio (c-major or whatever) you can point device manager to the folder you unzipped, in the WDM folder.
  8. This should fix the code 10 "the device cannot start" error for the sigmatel c-major hd audio codec

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