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CCF File Standards

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CCF files are remote control infrared code files (some with a clickable GUI), and CCF stands for Component Configuration Files (sometimes called Component Characteristic Format). This is a Philips proprietary infrared code format, also known as Philips Pronto. CCF files are usually device specific codes (brand and model specific files) but can also be for ranges of devices or entire brands. When you open a CCF file properly, you will be able to view the infrared codes that you have to give to your infrared computer attachment, which sends the signals for each button defined in the CCF file. CCF files cannot be viewed properly in notepad or wordpad, so you need a program to open them.

Open CCF Files with this Program

CCF Extractor. This is very simple, and very effective to open CCF files in windows. This program will ONLY SHOW THE INFRARED CODES, not the ccf GUI. You can view in pronto, pronto color, and marantz CCF infrared format, export, and open CCF files. It is simple standalone program that will open CCF files, and display them in the GUI that it uses. You are also able to export CCF files to text documents, each with its own name. This is the simplest program I know of to open CCF files.

CCF Extractor Freeware Download (open ccf files) - CCF Extractor

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