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Welcome. Short for 'et cetera' wiki, Etcwiki is intended for all of the wikis, guides, and tutorials that don't fit into other wiki's. Since its start in 2007, I have closed ETCwiki to public posting, and it is now a collection of my (Chris West) articles, guides and thoughts. All content on this site may be reproduced as long as you leave credit to the original article in the form of a URL link. AKA, go ahead and steal from me, all I ask is to gimme a link back!

ETCWiki: Simple. Friendly. Helpful?

Etc. - Et cetera - et·cet·era - Latin: "and the rest"

ETCwiki was designed with the intention of simplicity. Some wiki sites can be confusing to navigate and have too many extra features, it is easy to get lost in sites with too many main menu links. ETCwiki has fewer links to get lost in, and is easy to search our wiki database and we will not bother you with wasted space except for this page.

Etcwiki is private. I wish I could offer public posting still, but I would rather spend my time writing articles than filtering spam :)

Thanks for reading,

Chris West

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