How many sunflower seeds are in a bag?

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David Sunflower Seeds Original

I have seen the question asked "How many seeds are in a bag of David Sunflower Seeds?" and decided it was time for someone to answer it properly. I may update this article with more seed types, including Jumbo David Sunflower Seeds. In this article I take random samples of David Sunflower Seed weights and measure them to get an average weight per sunflower seed.

David Sunflower Seeds Original Weight

  • Weight per seed: 135.9 mg
  • Seeds Per Ounce: 208.6
  • David Sunflower Seeds in a 5.25oz bag: 1095 seeds
  • David Sunflower Seeds in a 14.5oz bag: 3074 seeds

Sunflower Seed Weight Data

The sunflower seed weight was measured in sets of 10 then the combined weight was divided by 10 to get an average weight per sunflower seed. This was repeated 10 times to get an average weight. This increases overall accuracy but you will not see the true outliers. Here are the 10 measured averages from the David Sunflower Seed Original weight experiment:

Set Average Weight
1 146 mg
2 147 mg
3 133 mg
4 137 mg
5 153 mg
6 122 mg
7 128 mg
8 142 mg
9 122 mg
10 129 mg


  • These measurements are specific to David Sunflower Seeds Original
  • The method used to measure these was an average weight per batch of 10 sunflower seeds
  • The standard deviation of this experiments data will be different than raw, single seed weight measurements
  • Overall accuracy in calculated seed weight is 1mg per seed
  • Equipment accuracy was 10mg which is why we chose to average the sets of 10

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