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Raspberry Pi Raspbian Wheezy Base Install The Base of Raspbian Wheezy August 2013

Built using the Raspberry Pi Installer on my Pi Rev B 2.0

Note: THIS DOES NOT COME WITH raspi-config BUT JUST RUN apt-get raspi-config (its supposed to be like that)

Contact me: ddxfish@gmail.com or ddxfish on AIM

Raspbian Minimal


This is the absolute default install of Raspbian, before they add colors to the command prompt, packages like raspi-config, or create virtual swaps. Nothing else is changed. Passwords are "hackme"


I ran the debian-like Raspbian Installer to install Raspbian from direct download of the latest packages. I finished the install, modified the file cmdline.txt in the fat32 partition to reflect my REMOVAL of the default swap partition of 255MB which the regular image of Raspbian does not come with for a reason. It is the only thing changed during this install. This is Rasbian as it comes out at the factory before its changed and packages are added. There is nothing installed but SSH and "standard system tools"

Advanced Description:

After that I loaded it on my main linux box, added zero's to the space on my partitions using zerofree to lower the zipped size, use dd to image the first 1.1GB of my 16GB card. (1.05GB of partitions with .05GB empty space to make it happy.)

You can find the Raspbian Installer here (it takes about 5 hours to install this image) http://www.raspbian.org/RaspbianInstaller


  • Bzip2 size: 167MB
  • Image size: 1.1GB (some empty space)
  • Requires: a 2gb memory card
  • Logins:
    • root / hackme
    • pi / hackme

Linux Install:

  • Unbzip2 this file
  • dd if=/path/to/rpi-base.img bs=1MB of=/dev/sdX (where X is your memory card)

Windows Install:

  • Unbzip this file (dont remember how in Win)
  • Use Win32 Disk Imager and write the .img to your card

After Install:

  • login
  • apt-get update
  • apt-get install raspi-config
  • raspi-config
    • now expand your root file system
    • change password for user
    • Setup overscan (funny looking HDMI)
    • Enable SSH
    • Finish and reboot


  • This is absolutely unmodified except for the options I had to enter during setup.
  • This is a version of Raspbian built on August 11, 2013