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CLEveR - winamp command line control

CLEveR is a windows command line aka DOS tool that allows a user to control winamp from .bat files or directly from the command line. I did not see a manual on the winamp site for this utility (clever command line winamp control), which is why I am making this one.

CLEveR's homepage at is located here -> CLEveR's Official site

You can also download CLEveR.exe for winamp command line [by clicking here.]

How to use CLEveR to control winamp

To use clever to control winamp from the command line, click start > run > and put CMD in the box and hit enter. This is the windows command line. This assumes you know how to navigate in windows command line. Change directory to the location you put clever.exe (e.g. cd c:\clever\). Now launch clever.exe from the command line by typing its name, and it will show you the help info. Make sure winamp is running, and start playing a song so we can test it. Type 'clever.exe stop' without the quotes at the command line to make winamp stop playing the current song. If this didn't work for you, check that you are in the command line and in the folder you put the program Clever. Also make sure Winamp is running. For examples with winamp command line and clever see below.

CLEveR Winamp Command Line

This is the help that is displayed by Clever.

CLEVER 1.0: CommandLine EVEnt Renderer for WinAmp 2.x
WinAmp must already be running in order to Clever to work.
Usage: clever <command> <options-if-needed>
Standard commands: prev | rewind | play | pause | stop | forward | next
And more:
  playpause            Start playing / pause song
  load     <filename>  Add specified file to pl (mp3 or playlist)
  loadnew  <filename>  Change to specified file (mp3 or playlist)
  loadplay <filename>  Changes pl or file and starts to play it
  volume <number>      Set volume (0-255)
  volup / voldn        Increase / Decrease volume
  clear                Clears current playlist
  status               Displays status of Winamp
  getplpos             Displays the playlist position starting from 1
  swshuffle            Changes shuffle state. Displays new state
  swrepeat             Changes repeat state. Displays new state
  getshuffle           Displays shuffle state
  getrepeat            Displays repeat state
  position             Time elapsed on the current playing song
  timeleft             Time left on the current playing song
  songlength           Length ot the current loaded song

CLEveR.exe Example commands

Some examples of how to control winamp from the command line using clever.exe

Load a playlist:
clever.exe loadnew c:\playlists\classical.m3u

Make winamp play:
clever.exe play

Set Winamp Volume to 100% (1-255):
clever.exe volume 255

Set Winamp Volume to 50%:
clever.exe volume 127

Print the time left on current song:
clever.exe timeleft

CLEveR.exe in .bat files

For me, using clever is mostly for .bat files that i have linked to buttons on my computer remote control (thats a whole 'nother story) but when i press a button on the remote, a bat file executes on the computer with winamp playing, and controls it how I specify. You can also use clever.exe with text to speech programs if you are really savvy, to tell you information about the currently playing media, and pipe it to a TTS program and speak it aloud.


ECHO this is an advanced file
cd c:\clever
clever.exe timeleft > c:\clever\timeleft.txt
(text to speechprogram goes here) c:\clever\timeleft.txt