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During the installation of ETCwiki, I found a serious lack of simplicity for downloading mediawiki extensions. From a huge list I tried about 100 of the most popular and best Mediawiki extensions, and found only a few I would recommend to all users. This is a list of the best MediaWiki extensions, and links to the extensions homepage on These are all Mediawiki Extensions that are easy to install, and have the best features.

Note: This list of best mediawiki extensions was tested with Mediawiki 1.14

Note: This is all invalid as of the most recent Mediawiki 1.21!!!!

Best mediawiki extension list

Best Mediawiki Extensions

  • CategoryTree - Allows admins to create a list of all the categories or pages in a category onto any page at any place. Great extension for making category pages of your Mediawiki pages, while still able to leave out pages you dont want to show. Fast, and uses AJAX.
  • ConfirmEdit ( reCaptcha for more security) - Makes users verify they arent a bot. Can be set to allow specific user groups if wanted. If you dont use spam protection extension your wiki will get spammed by scripts etc. Default is a simple math problem, like 4 - 2 = __
  • Parser Functions - Needed for templates, and any intricate wiki. This allows for simple-ish code to be put into wiki pages that provide more complex computations, and variables. You must have this Mediawiki Extension to use infoboxes locally.
  • Maintenance - Makes a wiki based GUI to use most of the maintenance scripts that come with the wiki. You could compare this to an 'admin area' in content management systems.
  • AskSQL - Allows users to query SQL database directly from a wiki page (advanced users only)
  • LookupUser - Get info about a specific user (email, name, etc) through a wiki page
  • PageRestrictions - Restrict specific Pages to certain user groups only (and more functions)
  • EmbedPDF - Allows you to post PDF files in your wiki pages

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