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I tried this, and after struggling with manually copying and pasting source, I discovered Special:Export and Special Import. Using this, I exported Template:Infobox from Wikipedia and Imported into my wiki. I still have to clean it up some, but it is working much better.

G'day, great guide.. My site works now, however, you forgot to add template:Infobox/row 15:23, 23 September 2009 (UTC)

Thanks for the heads up, I added the template to the list :) --Surak 01:43, 27 September 2009 (UTC)

Hey buddy, great resourse, thanks. One link problem. Template:Mbox Templates does not go to the source, but to the template page. Unable to view source. Know where I can get it from? Cheers --Huzz 01:44, 08 October 2009

Great resource! After searching everywhere some simple guidance! Much appreciated. Thank you. It would be nice to point to some examples. If I find some I certainly will include. SG London

There are two templates that I have problems with. When I look at Template:Infobox it seems like Im missing two templates not in the list. These templates are Template:Template other and Template:Documentation/core2. What am I missing? Sturgman 20:13, 15 September 2010 (UTC)


Couldn't one use Special:Export and Special:Import to add all these templates in one go? (Answer: It seems to have worked for me... the hardest part was cleaning up the list of templates so that it could be dropped into the text box on Special:Export... So, view source for this page for a copy-pastable list of the needed templates.)

Template:! Template:Clear Template:Documentation Template:Documentation subpage Template:Documentation/docname Template:Infobox Template:Infobox/doc Template:Intricate template Template:Navbar Template:Nowrap Template:Ombox Template:Ombox/core Template:Pp-meta Template:Pp-template Template:Purge Template:Tl Template:Tnavbar Template:Transclude Template:Infobox/row Template:Tiw Template:Tlf Template:Tls Template:Tlsp Template:Tlp Template:Tn Template:Tlx Template:Mbox Templates Template:Mbox templates/doc Template:Navbox Template:- Template:· Template:Tnull Template:Shortcut Template:High-risk Template:Main Template:Namespace detect Template:Clr Template:Cleanup Template:Ambox Template:Ambox/core

The only way I can think of to make it easier would be if you actually hosted the resulting XML file for people to download and import into their own wikis.